Areas of service

Oil Change

Did you know that your car needs an oil change every 2500 miles? We can change it in no time, with any oil of your selection, be it conventional or a synthetic one... We guarantee that oil quality will get your car going for many miles more!

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Unbeatable Tire Center offers free alignment checks. Alignments are the best way to extend the life of your tires. We recommend getting your vehicle’s alignment done at least once a year or at any sign of being out of alignment such as unusual tire wear. Come in for your free alignment check today.

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Brakes & Brake Repair

Car brakes are the most crucial part in auto security. To avoid an unexpected road accident, it is recommended to check and if needed to change the brakes at least once every year...

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Tires & Wheels

With tires and wheels being what literally drives the car, we cannot put more emphasis on how important these are. It's vital to check the deflation, tires weariness as well as wheels state. We change wheels of any diameter and we can change the tires to any brand of your choice!

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An air conditioning unit is one of the greatest conveniences that's ever been introduced to a car salon... Still, as any other car part, it cannot last forever and needs regular checkups just to be sure that you will not get boiled inside your car, with AC broken in the middle of the Californian heat!

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Belts and hoses

Wheel balance refers to the proper distribution of weight around a revolving tire and wheel assembly. Poor wheel balance can have a marked impact on both your car and your safety.

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Just as oil, your car battery needs to be regularly checked. That means you need to change it if needed, which we can easily do with a vast range of batteries in our stocks!

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Tire rotation and balancing

At Unbeatable Tire we offer tire rotation and balancing. Rotations are the number one way to keep your tires wearing evenly and getting the most life out of your tires. Keeping your tires balanced will keep the smooth ride that you expect from your tires.  We recommend getting your tires rotated every 5,000 miles.

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Additional services

Alternator Repair Services

Get quality alternator repair services. Visit Car Repair. Fix bad alternator problems, dead batteries & car starters at Car Repair.

Car Headlight Replacement & Repair

Headlight replacement and repair services for cars and trucks. Replace vehicle headlights with new Sylvania lights and bulbs at Car Repair.

Serpentine & Timing Belt Replacement

Get your serpentine belt & timing belt checked at Car Repair. Serpentine belt replacement & timing belt services for all cars & engines.